Meet the team

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Tyrone Skipper, Founder.

Tyrone is a proud father and was himself born in Canada to NZ parents and currently lives in the UK.

He has traveled extensively and understands trust is earned not simply given and prides himself on working with people who uphold strong personal values.

Trained in financial services with a flair for entrepreneurship Tyrone is a Director and advisor to companies that specialize in Financial Services, Marketing, and Distribution.

Interests include:
  • Travel
  • Rugby
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food
  • Innovation
Michelle Koh, Founder.

Michelle is a multi-faceted person that has many interests and dabbled in many different industries in the past. Her passion is teaching and training.

She has an in-depth experience in operations, customer service, and training, it comes naturally that she oversees the operations of the company and is the biggest cheerleader of the entire team. Michelle loves her whisky from Laphroaig and she is also a certified Whisky Ambassador from Scotland.

Interests include:
  • The love of teaching and coaching does not end there where she then went on to be a manager/trainer in the F&B industry for chain restaurant brands and hotels, spreading her wings later into corporate training for hotels, banks, and other industries.


  • Coming from a sporty background from being a national swimmer and runner; to being a karate and Muay Thai exponent, to adventure racing and sport climbing competitively, it was only natural she began her career as a coach.