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Whisky Investing

The Whisky industry is hundreds of years old, with an exclusive handful of distillers and blenders have profited from the wholesale buying and selling of single malt whisky – but now you can own a part of this rich tradition.
Key Facts About Whisky

Over the last 10 years rare whisky is up 582% (compared with art which is up 147% and coins which is up 197%), 85% of a Single Malt flavour comes from the cask. The rarer the whisky the greater the potential for greater returns. In 2021 there was a rise of rare whisky sold at auction of 29% from the previous year and Scotch Whisky exports reached an outstanding...

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What are Whisky Investments?

Whisky investments have proved to be a high performing asset class, with prices reaching new highs in recent years and even now post the COVID-19 pandemic. For new investors looking to enter the whisky market, it can be a difficult proposition due to the relationship-based nature of acquiring sought after whiskies. The Ariki Group is uniquely positioned to guide...

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What’s included in our whisky cask investment?

What’s included in Whisky Investments? • A tangible asset Full legal ownership • Tax efficiency (CGT exempt) Fully insured • HMRC regulated industry • Growth value asset • Non-correlated asset

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