Are you retirement planning?

Are you retirement planning?

Whisky investing could play a part in your early retirement planning?

For private investors with a nose for a strong profit, the rare whiskey market only gets better with age.

The volatility seen in the financial markets over the last year has made investors turn to more stable alternative investment options, such as cask whiskey. What was once quite an exclusive industry, has become an opportunity.

How whiskey investment works

The whisky distilling making process is both capital and labour intensive. Due to the ageing process, it takes distilleries between three to ten years before they can sell their whiskey to make any profit. Therefore, to cover costs and raise capital, distilleries allow private investors to purchase these casks that are still in the early stages of the maturation process, either directly, or through an exclusive broker.

Investing through a broker  holds advantages due to our purchasing power. We buy a large proportion of a distillery’s new make spirit, and therefore can offer clients carefully negotiated wholesale rates from some of the best distilleries and whiskey brands in Ireland and Scotland. Once matured, the investor can then decide to go down the bottling route or sell for profits ranging from 10% to 30%+ per annum, depending on the chosen exit strategy and the market (Irish or Scotch).

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